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After Twilight Princess

Chapter 1:

The End of one Story

The Start of a New one


"I… See you later…"

Something about those words sent a chill down the Princess Zelda's back as she looked at the broken shards. Is this really it? Is she really gone for good? she asked herself, taking a step closer to the broken mirror. The longer she stared at the shards, she felt her friend slip from her fingers.

The Princess bent down, picking up a piece, feeling the power drain from it. A tear began to slip from her eye as she examined it, seeing her reflection in the glass. Another tear made a trail down her face as she stood up, dropping the piece. She slowly dabbed her eyes dry with the wrist of her gloves as she turned around, spotting the emotionless hero standing still ahead of her.

Link blinked back a few tears and looked up at the Princess Zelda, instantly noticing that she, too, was upset, "We… need to get out of here... Your Highness" he spoke weakly, walking up to her and kneeling, his right hand over his heart.

"Please, young hero, stand; I am fine with you treating me like a normal Hylian… Please," the princess smiled down at him as he looked up at her. Her eyes quickly meet with his deep blue ones as he stood, nodding. They kept their gaze a few moments until Link sighed, turning around.

Princess Zelda walked up next to him, studying him carefully, "If you wish for a moment alone, Hero, I will leave you alone, I am sure I can make it through the Arbiters Grounds safely on my own."

"No, Princess, I'm… I'm fine, there's no need for you to go on, alone…" the Hero of Twilight spoke up, shaking his head.

The Princess nodded and sighed, looking down, "You do not have to call me Princess… I would much rather you not use my title, but my name, like friends…"

The Hero laughed slightly, looking over to her, causing her to look up as well, "As you wish, but only if you call me 'Link,' and not 'Hero.'"

The Princess and Hero's eyes locked, the two standing still and silent a few moments, neither of them daring to move. Zelda quickly took notice of the look she knew all to well; the look deep in his eyes. The same look her father had after her mother passed, the same look Impa, her nanny, gave her when they'd talk about her father…

The same look she had after her fiancé died…

It pained her to see his gaze, after all, it brought back the worst of memories that lodged in the back of her head. She slowly walked in front of the confused hero and wrapped her arms around his neck, laying her head on his shoulder, bringing him in closer for a hug.

Link stiffened in her grip as she stepped closer to him, hugging him tight to her. The awkward silence lived on until Link took his arms and wrapped them around Zelda's, resting his head on hers. They stayed in that slightly awkward, but comfortable position in each others arms for a few moments, Zelda finally breaking the silence.

"I am so terribly sorry about Midna…" she whispered into his neck, sending a chill down his back.

Quickly, his mind came to one realization, I'm hugging the Princess of Hyrule…

… Take that, Rusl…

His mind slowly came back to focus on the reason they were there, and why the Princess had suddenly hugged him. Much to his dismay, he felt the Princess lifting her head off his shoulder, looking at him, her face only inches from his.

Quickly after her eyes locked on his once again, her cheeks began to redden at how much closer the two were.

Link, obviously not disturbed or flushed by the proximity of her, smiled softly, removing his arms from around her waist. "We should probably head out soon; we want to get you back before dark."

Zelda frowned, taking a step back, "But, Link… the Castle-"

"I know, I know…" Link interrupted her, holding up his hands for her to stop, "But don't you think it should all clear up?"

"I do not understand…"

"Shouldn't the goddesses have restored the Castle?" he asked, folding his arms across his chest.

"Yes, but something's not right here," she stopped, looking up at the sky. "It feels like they would, but I have high doubts that they did…"

Link frowned slightly, sighing as he sat down, tired from the evens of today.

"I can feel something… I can sense that something's not right, therefore the Castle is still of non-existence," she explained, sitting down next to him.

Link sighed, picking up a shard of the mirror and looking at it with a displeased look, "I have no right to argue with you, but even if there isn't anything left of the castle, shouldn't we at least go check and see if everyone is alright?"

Zelda slightly nodded and sighed, looking over at the shard in his hand. She studied it carefully, seeing a pattern on it, like it just needed to be pieced together and it'd work again. If only it was that simple… but it's much more complicated, maybe even impossible to restore the mirror.

Link finally got sick of looking at it and flung the piece across the area, standing up, "We gotta get out of here soon, cause I still have to get the kids in Kakariko…"

Zelda stood up as well and dusted herself off, speaking as she did so, "What do you mean? Why are they in Kakariko?"

Link slightly laughed and smirked, walking toward the boss room of Arbiter's Grounds, "If you really want to know, I'll tell you on the way through Arbiter's Grounds, cause it's a long story…"

This NEEDED to be rewritten bad.
I think this version is SO much better than the original version that I might even trash the old one, cause there's really no point in keeping it in my gallery; it puts shame to me.

I'm VERY happy with how this turned out, and be watching for the last chapter soon ;P
I'm getting close to the end, but I think I'll add the epilogue WITH the end chapter, just cause ^^
I hope you liked this one better than the original, the original was...

And btw: if ANYONE says the original was better I will be greatly offended, and our conversation will not end well.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I DO NOT own the most awesome game franchise in the world. If I DID then I'd be making a Zelink game, not writing FANfictions :aww: ;P :)
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It wasn't all that great, but I'm rewriting all ze chapters *well, most of them* so that they are a whole lot better~
it won't take as long to rewrite them as it was to write them, so it'll be posted faster :3
lol lazy forthewin~
and lol, I get stupid when I'm tired, too XD
and I tend to ramble and get REALLY ticked off XD //slapped
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