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December 10, 2012
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"Oh come on!" Link shouted, turning to look at his blonde best friend.

"Yeah, you really suck at this Link." Zelda laughed, taking the controller from Link's hands.

"Shut up, racing games are not my thing..." Link grumbled.

"Still." Zelda laughed restarting the level. "And it's not a racing game..."

"It technically is..." Link grumbled again, hitting her in the shoulder.


Link narrowed his eyes at her playfully. "At least I don't-"


Link laughed and then his phone went off.

'Message from Malon'

Link reached over Zelda to grab his phone and Zelda rolled her eyes. "Malon?"

"Yup." Link responded, unlocking his phone and read the message.

'Link, call me'

"What dose it say?" Zelda asked, picking her character.

"She told me to call her..." Link said, concentrating on typing in her number to call Malon.

"Why can't she call you herself?" Zelda asked, annoyed at the 'Miss Popular Preppy Princess.'

"She doesn't have to do everything herself." Link stated, pushing call.



"Hey gorgeous, What did you want me to call you for?" Link asked, putting his phone on speaker.

"I missed you and wanted to talk to you..."

Zelda rolled her eyes as her character went into the goal.

"Zel, this looks like a baby game." Link said to her, laughing.

"It gets harder..." Zelda said, making her charater into the next goal. "This is just the Advanced stages..."

"Haha, whatever..." Link laughed.

"What is she doing there?"

"Malon, I'm over at her house." Link laughed, putting his iPhone on the arm rest.


"Cause he can you stuck up snob..." Zelda spat before she could stop herself.

"Link, I swear, you get away from her or I'm breaking up with you."

"But Malon I-"

"I mean it Link. OUT OF THERE."

"She's my friend Malon and-"

"You want me to break up with you?"

"No, but I-"


"Alright..." Link sighed, grabbing his phone.

"Link, wait, why are you really going I thought you-"

"Bye Zel, I'll see you tomorrow." Link waved walking out of her Living Room and out the door.

"Link!!!" Zelda called out, pausing her game as her character rolled down the hill and into the goal.

She stood up and ran to the door and swung it open. "Link! What the heck?!"

Link closed his truck's door and looked up, waving to her and the put the car into drive.

She could she them exchange 'I love you's and she rolled her eyes, tuning back into her house.

"Crap you Malon that freakin drama queen." Zelda whispered, slamming her bedroom door. "It's stupid how easy she can control him."


Zelda dropped down onto her bed and picked up her phone.


She answered it and sighed, putting her phone on speaker. "Whatcha want?"

"Is Link still over there, Ike couldn't get a hold of him and he really needs to tell him this..."

Zelda groaned, "He just freakin left."

"Whoa Whoa, he left? Why?"

"Cause." Zelda barked.


"I'll give you ONE freakin guess."

"Ah, Malon?"

"Ding, Ding, freakin Ding."

"You're taking this harder then me and he's my brother..."

"Well, he's my friend, and... stuff." Zelda said, and then intstantly knew that she shouldn't have said it.


"Yeah...?" She asked, slightly laughing.

"You like him?"


"Ohhhhhh, I can't wait to tell him..."


'Beep beep'

Zelda looked at her phone and saw that the call dropped.

She quickly dialed Link's number and he quickly picked up the phone.


"Crap you." She said coldly. "One order from her and you do it like that."

"Zel, I-"

"Shut it, I don't wanna hear it." She barked, burrying her head into her pillow. "She's crap. You deserve better."


"I hate her!" Zelda cried. " And I'm SICK and TIRED of her pushing me and you around and taking everything I have."

"What did she take from you?"

"Lots of people and things important to me."

"Name one."

"YOU!" Zelda cried, but as soon as she realized that she said it, she wished she hadn't.


Zelda gulped and whispered, "Yeah..."

"Zel, I just broke up with her."

"Y-You... You did?" Zelda said in shock, lifting her head from the pillow.

"Yeah she was pushing me around, and I didn't like it..."

Zelda smiled and laughed. "Ohhh... But why did you leave?"

"Zel, I didn't."

"What do you freakin mean?"

"I never left your driveway, Zel, I just pretended like it cause I knew the conversation would get nasty..."

Zelda turned around as she heard her door open and she saw Link hang up his phone.

"And I heard you and Midna's conversation..."

Zelda's eyes widened and she started to blush. "R-Really...?"

"Yeah..." Link laughed nervously.

Zelda looked down and crossed her legs.

Link sat down next to her and she looked over to him and she inched closer.

"Why didn't you leave?"

"Cause, I realized something the second you slammed your door."

"And what is that?" Zelda asked as Link scooted closer to her.

"That I didn't love her, I never did."

Zelda's blush reddened and Link pulled her closer and their noses brushed.

"Then who do you l-love?"

Link's lips brushed hers and her heart jumped and her eyes remained looking at him.

Link pull away a few centemeters and during that little action, Zelda squirmed her way into his lap.

Link chuckled and then continued with what he was saying.

"I realize how beautiful you are, and how your eyes are bluer then the ocean, how much you care for me more then she does, how your voice practically sings every word you say, I can't help but love you..." Link explained, and then leaned forward to press his lips to hers fully.

Zelda's world was spinning. One second she's in here talking to Midna about how stupid he is for staying with Malon and now he's kissing her.

Kissing her, not Malon.

'Take that Malon...'

Zelda began to kiss him back and wrap her arms around his neck and pushed her body into his, knocking him over onto her bed.

Link didn't mind the fact that Zelda was on top of him and he groaned.

Zelda slowly pulled away, but when she did, she wished she hadn't.

Link sat up, his face reder then a tomato.

"I don't love her..."

Zelda softly smiled, laying her head against his chest.

"I love you..." he whispered into her ear.

Zelda's heart leaped out of her chest and he wrapped his arms around her and then kissed the top of her head.

"I l-love you t-too..." Zelda stammered out as Link chuckled softly.

He began to stroke her hair and he rested his head on her's.

"He-Hey... Link?" Zelda spoke up as he felt her breath against his chest.

"Hmm?" He mumbled as he continued to hold her.

"I was just wondering..." she began saying, looking up to him as she lifted her head from his chest, "Did you say it took you two seconds to say you loved me?"

Link frowned and shook his head, kissing her forehead.

"Well, then why did you say that?"

He sighed and stroked her cheek, "I've always loved you Zelda, ever since I laid eyes on you. It just took me forever to finally admit it to myself."

Zelda smiled and then leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek,

"Speaking of which..." Link began saying, putting his right arm around her shoulder, "When did you start loving me?"

Zelda laughed and kissed him softly on the lips, "Remember that one day you blew up the teacher's desk in eighth grade?"

Link laughed and hugged her tighter, "Like it was yesterday. And don't think you can just pin it on me, it was mostly Sheik, and you help by distracting the teacher."

Zelda laughed, "Anyway, I knew that day when me you and Sheik where in detention that I loved you..."

"Awww, Really?"

Zelda giggled and gave him another kiss on the lips, "Really."


I absolutely hate this story as of now, but due to the other people who seem to love this story, I'm keeping it up.

I've had this a while and finally finished it today ^^; So I hope you like it~!

And don't get me wrong, I dun hate Malon, I just put her in the mean girl spot...

I didn't read over the whole thing again before I posted it, but, I think it's fine, right??

And can anyone guess what game They're playing??? XD
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Another story of yours that I love :heart: And were they playing Mario Kart? :?
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Super Monkey Ball ovo
I used to play it a lot, so it came to mind and found it's way into my story
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I like Super Monkey Ball 2 for the Gamecube best, but I've only played three of them
There's one or two for the wii, but I didn't enjoy the one I had
and there's "Super Monkey Ball" for the GC, too, but SMB2 is better
and then there's one on the 3DS, but I've never played it.

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